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For more than 40 years, Northgate Market has been the spot for Mexican authenticity in Southern California. With more than 40 locations, they've become a staple in many communities. So, when we got the call from their team, we couldn't have been more excited for this opportunity.

The task was simple and straightforward. Northgate needed a website that emulated its position in the Hispanic supermarket hierarchy. Something cleaner, functional, and educational to potential users.

When it was our turn to step in, we did what we do best: discovery, research, and exploration. Under an incredibly tight deadline, we pulled off a beautiful website that's easy to use for their customers and highlights their strong brand and amazing culture in the best way possible.

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web development
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This website needed more than to just be informative. Northgate Market was looking to demonstrate their position as the Mexican food authority in Southern California. With that in mind, we knew we had to create a platform for them to highlight all the authentic deliciousness that they offer in their stores. From authentic recipes to mouthwatering messaging, we were on a mission to get this one right.

50% of B2B inquiries are made from a mobile device. So, designing a website doesn't end when it's ready for a desktop view. That's just half the task for us. When it came to the Northgate project, making it responsive for mobile wasn't really even a question.

The Northgate Market website isn't just a platform that talks about their stores. There are a lot of calls to action for users. From curbside delivery to applying for a career, we needed to be sure that tasks like these were easy for any user to get done.

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Was it challenging? Yes. Was it a wonderful experience? Absolutely! For us, we were able to become an extension to the team at Northgate Market. Working in concert with them to accomplish this major goal of producing a website that the González family can take pride in. We look forward to seeing how the site helps evolve the Northgate brand for the next 40 years.

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