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It ain’t “full-service” but for what we do, we do fully well.

“Jack of all trades. Master of none” is not a model we subscribe to. We would rather be great at a few things than “fine” at many things. Full-service agencies serve their purpose, but for us at Colorbars, we're deliberately different. We're not an advertising agency. We're not a PR firm. We choose to focus on the art of crafting beautiful brands.

brand strategy

Good ol' Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Strategy and preparation is the key to any successful project. That's why this service is first on the list. Utilizing a combination of discovery sessions, audits, exploration, research, and analysis, we come up with a game plan for our approach to your brand. This makes it possible for us to provide deliverables like your new logo, brand guidelines, messaging, core values, and other important brand assets.

identity design

Ah yes! Our bread and butter. Not to be confused with “branding”, identity design is a little different. While branding is how your business feels, identity is how your business looks. At the core of Colorbars, our ultimate passion is THIS part of the process. From color palettes to typography, the identity of your brand is the face of your business. We realize that. So, we put forth every effort in providing our partners with beautifully crafted identities that'll hopefully be around for much longer than ourselves.

web design

There hasn't been a more crucial time for your organization to have an online presence than, well... yesterday. So, if you're a little late to the party, not to fear. Your friends at Colorbars Branding Agency is here to help you out. We approach web design in the same way we would a new brand. Using discovery, research, and exploration, we design and develop beautiful and functional websites that are geared toward your target demographic. In collaboration with our partners, we create sites that are built to engage and convert prospects into loyal customers.

print & packaging

You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression make it count. If that opportunity has come and gone for you... well, Colorbars will help you to not make the same mistake twice. It's important to view your business card, label, or packaging as your introduction to the people you're trying to reach. So, your print project is important to us. And just like anything else we do, we don't start by just mindlessly “designing”. We take the time to get to know your competition, trends, and unique opportunities in your market that'll guide us to the best 1st (or 2nd) impression you can make.

our strategy process

what can strategy do for your business?

At Colorbars, we’ve developed a process that allows us to not only get you the deliverables you need, but ultimately helps us to get to know your company, your market, and the people you aim to reach. Much like a doctor does, we do not prescribe without diagnosing. Our strategy process allows us to discover what your brand needs and how we can make it happen. Discovery also helps us to be invested in your business and celebrate the successes that come afterward. Click through to get an idea of how we’ll work together.

our strategy process


Let's get to know you and uncover the problems or opportunities we need to tackle. We believe that the best creative solutions come from conversations and collaboration. So, we put aside the blind presentations and we get to know your business inside & out. We'll work with you to find the foundation that we’ll build upon to define your value and tell your story. We'll create a plan and get to it.

our strategy process


Hands down, the single most important step in the process of developing a successful brand. This is the part where we dig into your business and your market. Research, audits, analysis– it's all part of developing a game plan for our approach to your brand. This is how we make sure everything we do and create is done with the right intent, as we take a deep dive into what's been working, what hasn't, and what needs to be done better.

our strategy process


This is where the puzzle we've been diligently working on starts to create a picture, as we begin building out all the tangible deliverables that you need. Logo designs, color palettes, brand guidelines, typography, all that good stuff. This is where the look of your brand or website takes on a life of its own.

our strategy process


This is our final send-off. Time to launch into the world and win over the people that matter most. Trust the process, seek constant improvement, gather those who believe in your journey, and never look back. Let's get to work.

so, then... why us?

Our motto is to “be more”. So, we DO more than design logos and make pretty pictures. We create brands, find voices, and develop identities. We define what is unique and valuable about your business. Click below and learn about the ways we work to produce the best results for our partners.

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